ProNav offer a range of sophisticated software solutions to help your fleet and drivers operate more efficiently and safely.

Line of Route Technology
Engineered to reduce fuel costs & wasted hours


Navex's LoR Technology helps you reduce the disparity between planned and actual driven routes, by ensuring the navigation system follows the exact routes output from your routing & scheduling software.


With simple and direct integration with most industry leading Routing & Scheduling software solutions, LoR Technology can help your company significantly reduce its fuel wastage and lost driver hours.


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Remote Worker Safety
Solutions designed to work alone or with SatNav


If your fleet operates in remote or potentially hazardous locations or environments, it can be critical to keep in constant contact with your drivers for both security and health & safety reasons.


ProNav's Remote Worker software regularly checks the status of each driver and sends an automatic alert if the driver fails or is unable to respond, allowing you to dispatch assistance to their exact location.

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Software & API Solutions



ProNav is also available as software only to install on your preferred hardware solution, or as an API for integration into your other fleet applications.


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