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Remote Worker Safety

When your employees are working in remote or potentially dangerous locations, it is important for you to stay in contact with them, either to ensure their safety or that they are not hurt in any way and require medical assistance.


The difficulty with using mobile phones to stay in contact, is that either your employee forgets to contact you on a regular basis or they are too busy to answer their phone or even worse, they are not in a position to make a call due to an emergency situation. Similarly, tracking solutions are perfect for telling you where a vehicle or a person is located but they cannot tell you whether that person is ok or not.


ProNav's Remote Worker Safety application can let you know where someone is located but also, by their responses to the system, whether they may need emergency assistance or not. The Remote Worker Safety application has a simple user interface and can be used with all versions of the ProNav HGV Navigation system. Employee details such as name, department, phone number can be easily configured and alerts can be fully customised to notify a manager, security office or both in the event of an emergency.


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