Navigation Products

  ProNav offers a range of sophisticated HGV navigation systems that are ready to use "out-of-the-box" to help your fleet and drivers operate more efficiently and safely.

ProNav PNN350
UK & Republic of Ireland Version

  MSRP: £229.99

The new ProNav PNN350 HGV Navigation System features the very latest UK NAVTEQ mapping and Transport data (height, weight , width etc.) to help you stay on the roads most suitable for your vehicle type.


The PNN350 also includes exclusive “Premium Transport Data" with an additional 1200+ unique height, weight and width restrictions covering London, as well as truck specific Points of Interest.


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ProNav PNN350WE
Western Europe Version

  MSRP: £269.99

If you make deliveries in Europe, then the new ProNav PNN350WE has been specifically designed to assist you in navigating around Western Europe's roads and avoiding transport restrictions such as low bridges.

With the latest NAVTEQ mapping and Transport data coverage for Western Europe, the PNN350WE also includes thousands of Points of Interest, as well as exclusive "Premium Transport Data" for London.


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ProNav PNN420
UK & RoI including London Freight Pack

Now Available MSRP: £269.99


As well as full UK & ROI NAVTEQ mapping and Transport data coverage, the new ProNav PNN420 has also been designed to help cope with challenges that driving and delivering in London presents.

Includes exclusive Premium Transport Data for Red Route Route & loading bays, the world's first HGV Cyclist Alert feature and the ability to follow routes downloaded from the TfL Freight Journey Planner.


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