LoR Applied

Navex's LoR Technology has been designed to work in a range of operational environments including:-

bulletRefuse collection
bulletGritting operations

bulletBus and coach operations


bulletEvent based transport operations

Navex's LoR Technology is compatible with a number of leading routing & scheduling systems and online route planning systems.


Line of Route ("LoR") Technology

The Issue

In the majority of fleet environments there is a significant disparity between the routes that the job planner provides and the routes the driver actually takes. Job planners use a sophisticated routing and scheduling system to produce an optimised schedule of deliveries, whilst drivers use a variety of other resources (local knowledge, car satnav, printed maps etc.) to actually drive the routes.


Some of the larger fleet operators we work with have identified an average disparity of 8 miles per driver, per day, which equates to unnecessary fuel costs of over £1500 per vehicle, per year, as well as a significant amount of wated driver hours. It's clear to see that, even within an SME operation, the use of LoR Technology can help make substantial savings for a fleet operator.


The Solution

LoR Overview


ProNav "INFORMED" software has been engineered to follow the actual route that a routing & scheduling system produces, thus ensuring the line of route used by the driver is an exact duplicate of the one created by the job planner. Furthermore, if the driver should come off the route at any time, then the ProNav "INFORMED" software is able to recalculate a route that gets the driver back to the original "planned" route and not one the navigation system thinks is preferable at that stage in the journey.


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