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About Navex

Navex is a leading software development and global brand management company that aquired the ProNav navigation brand in December 2014 and specialises in developing technology brands around the world.


Whilst developing niche products for major consumer brands, we identified that traditional export companies were primarily interested in just shipping large volumes into new markets, rather than developing an effective channel strategy that reflected their clients brand and its values. Although large volumes sounds attractive, it creates more aggressive pricing which inevitably leads to retail price erosion, devaluing the brand and at its worst, commoditisation of your products.

Navex knows each brand is different and invests a significant amount of time in researching and developing a unique channel strategy that’s synergistic to our client’s core brand values. This ensures that those core values are leveraged effectively through the entire supply chain so when a customer selects one of our clients’ products in a retail store, they clearly understand those brand values and more importantly, the justification of the price they are paying for it.


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